Pablovania Tuesday — Weird Parent Stories (2023-02-21)

Weird Family Lore night :popcorn:

Isn’t it wild how whatever you grew up with was “normal”? But then you actually grew up and learned “no, not all Latinos have a part of Christmas where they yell obscenities at the Moon,” or “what was that uncle’s deal?!”

Or your parents have fantastical stories you just love to believe but… wonder about. Elizabeth Warren learned that she probably shouldn’t have believed her parents’ stories of Native ancestry, and Jia Tolentino’s parents were probably not traffikers, but the testimony of witnesses in the trial make whatever they were doing frankly more questionable than her account of things.

I’ve spent a lot of my adulthood cursing Freud for being right, goddammit on how much our roots matter, and reflecting that generational trauma carries over. So come to Pablovania, on Tuesday, February 21st! We’ll trade Weird Family Lore. If you have snack or drink preferences, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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