Pablovania Tuesday — Play reading! (2023-03-21) 🎭

Let’s read a play together! :performing_arts:

Hi friends! Later than normal to post this, but I’m hosting folks again at my place on Tuesday, March 21st for chill socialization. The last one was a resounding success, but after the dust settled talking about personal freedom, we got to reading short plays.

I used to host play readings and haven’t really hosted once since almost a year ago —they were hard to plan for newness of plays and people’s schedules—but I’ll be hosting one again this Tuesday!

I don’t have a specific play in mind, but I have all the ones from this list and will probably pick one based on the vibe and the turnout. If you have requests (or better, want to suggest a play we read) I’m always open to suggestions! Ping me to RSVP, if you need the address, and/or have snack preferences.

:date: Google Calendar event link :link: