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šŸŽµ The song for this post is Catallena, by Orange Caramel. šŸŽµ

I have a cousin who'sā€¦ about 15? 16? When she hit the young teen years, she got into reading genre fiction, but in her wiser mid-teen years she's extremely into K-Pop. Trying to be the Cool Relatable Family Member, I told her I enjoyed the K-Pop too; we passed a phone around, her showing me BTS and I showed her Mr. Simple by Super Junior, telling my (sincere!) joke that I planned to do an all-dad tribute band in 10 years or so, doing the dances (DOCUMENTATION). This was one of the earliest examples of "you're not The Youth, You're 30" when she roasted me by trying to be kind, indifferently saying "it's alright for an older video."

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