God Said This — Feb 8, 2019

I’m going to see God Said This this Friday. I recommend this show to anyone in NYC. If you’re going on Friday, let’s get drinks :smile: You can get more affordable tickets with the code GSTREVIEW.

Why this show?

I’m hype as hell about it — the playwright, Leah Nanako Winkler, wrote Kentucky, one of my favorite pieces of 2015 (the year I saw 60-80 shows). I’ve followed her work since she was a contemporary with Charly at Youngblood, and couldn’t be more excited for her work.

My relationship to theatre is like that of any relationship where you’ve hurt and been hurt; but at the end of the day I still fucking love it. Leah’s work usually reminds me it can, in fact, be good, and take place in the world you occupy and think about.