😷 Confinement! πŸšͺ

🎡 The song for this post is Flotando, by Francisca Valenzuela. 🎡

It looks like everyone is finally locking up! Karen has been on this COVID beat since December; she joined a Facebook group with knowledgeable people and for a while it seemed like it was finally her who was getting whipped into a self-induced frenzy over tunnel-vision social media; this was a very short illusion, by mid-January it was pretty obvious the group she joined was rightfully alarmed, and that this wasn't a function of if but when. No joke, we stocked up rather early and we've seriously talked about going to her mom's in Ohio (or somewhere else pretty remote) no fewer than 8 times.

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My roommates also made a Pandemic program. The backend is in Scala. I believe the aim was different; theirs was meant to replace the board and dungeonmaster, instead of replacing one or more players like your implementation.

theirs was meant to replace the board and dungeonmaster,

@Aldaviva ha, that might be where my project stops! I’m still doing basic modeling of the game, so building the board/DM is a requisite first step :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they host the code somewhere? Might be fun to look at :smiley:

I don’t think it was hosted anywhere but I’ll let you know if they find it. This was from a while ago, like 2011.