🤓 Baited into PL talk again 🗣

🎵 The song for this post is Time's Scar, by Yasunori Mitsuda for the game Chrono Cross. 🎵

Just call me Blathers, I'm going to talk about PL again.

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I’m going to avoid the easy comment about the hardest part of learning a programming language because I very self-centeredly assume that this article is Sauryasniping, and we already know the joke there.

Production-ready is such a loaded term! There are many successful businesses where the requirements are a daily dump of ~300MB of data to a few different S3 buckets. You could bang out a couple of Zapier flows, and with a minimum of code make a ‘production-ready’ service. It all depends on what the SLO is, right?

If this person is saying “You don’t know a language unless you can build a six sigma prod-ready service in it.” WELL. I don’t know any programming language then. It takes a lot more than knowledge of a language to make sure you build a good service - it’s about tools and monitoring and testing and blah blah blah. Which is just my way of saying, yes I agree with this 100%:

On an unrelated note: I envy your love of toying around with programming languages and I wish I had the same! I don’t know where you get the time for that and working out and baking! I used to love toying around and for the first time the other day I felt an urge to create some fun toy in JS. I might give in to that urge at some point soon. Let’s see!

bahaha you know I thought of you when I saw the title of Hillel’s post!


Anxiety! “If I’m not productive I’m a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to live!” I don’t recommend it! :smile:

I also just… really really want baked goods.

And I’m not toying with tech as much as I used to lol, most of the time going to the jorb these days.

If you do, please share!