🐷 The police cannot be saved 🧱

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It feels pretty awful to pay attention to, well, anything. We've got a killer pandemic, Depression-era job loss, and demonstrations with violence instigated by police we're paying for on the same-ass bullshit that's been a problem for over a century.

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I was just talking to Olivia earlier today about this. It’s wild that we’ve known that policing in America is super fucked up, and we’ve known that for a while. John Richard III’s case is just one incredibly tragic example of this kind of behavior, but it’s the one that really just…blew it all open for me. It’s also tied into so much TV/Hollywood and performative masculinity around “fighting the bad guys”.

Have you ever been to a “Stop the Violence” event? These events were popular in Bloomfield area, I think, and were focused on reducing violence in the community in Newark. They were way more effective than policing, I believe. Similar to Camden, NJ.

The solution is obvious, and like…I have some skin in this game. I am sometimes seen as black, and I don’t necessarily understand when or why. I have had very few run-ins with police and I have been the victim of very few crimes, but even in those instances I never went to the police. Campus or not.

Anyway, all this to say. #AbolishThePolice #DefundThePolice. Get rid of police pensions in VC funds. Get rid of all this ridiculous militarized weaponry and stop treating your citizens as the fucking enemy. JESUS.