Tabletop Character: Ángel Salinas 👴🏼🇳🇮

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To recap this recent set of tabletop gaming blog posts, I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons as Homage, Mouse Guard as Gorlif, and I'm about to enter a Fate campaign and wrote up some process sketches for that character.

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Feel free to comment with any feedback! Some of the story was a bit rushed — having him free his family members in Mexico in a warehouse felt a bit close to Women in Refridgerators. On one hand, the bio is pretty long already and it was a useful construct to raise stakes in few words, but there might have been less trope-ey ways of doing it (“what’s better than one wife in trouble? How about two wives?!”).

Another fun note: a lot of this was done in a Windows computer, and accented characters there with Alt-Codes never made any damn sense. This is something Mac does correctly.