Pablo seeking a date in 2016

My 2012 profile was a lot more cringeworthy.

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This was not even a little cringeworthy, I need more cringe plz

LOL Hi Saurya!

I’ll update the caption to be more clear! The version of my OkCupid profile before this instance :point_up: wass awkward and cringeworthy :stuck_out_tongue:

The version that inspired the “mosquito in amber” tweet was from 2012, where my circumstances on OkCupid were different:

  • I was 25, most of this was written when I was months away from 30.

  • I was in an open relationship; so I was looking for a sex partner but not anything traditional or romantic.

  • I was a straight White-presenting cis man who works in tech in San Francisco.

I was effectively writing “hello Females, who’s ready to make sex with the most represented population here, you know, the characterless one displacing all your artists and ruining your city.”


So the dating profile contained a lot more denial + defensive writing, a lot more stabs at trying to be interesting, while also being an attractive sexual creature.

That was some cringe, my friend :kissing: :ok_hand:

We remain the same person, divided by trivial things like space and time.