Fun rituals for the Coder at Work 🖥

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If you asked my Adobe and Google co-workers about Paul Meier, they’d probably tell you about a mousy kid who interviewed well, didn’t ask for help enough, and largely avoided them at lunch. I nearly quit the industry after my Google year: I’d never really reckoned with the pain of my sister’s medical emergency, and my depression hit the worst I’d ever known it. During my first two jobs, I shrank myself to be as small as I could.

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I like this list. Here are some of mine.

  • When a build breaks, a spinning red light turns on for a minute. It makes you feel like you’re in a submarine, and more entertained than you otherwise would be at the slightly disappointing build news.
  • When you want to frequently push your code to a non-production cluster, smash a big red physical button mounted on a wooden box. Not only is it fewer steps than dozens of SSH commands, but it feels really good.
  • Make a quotes page for you and your smart-ass coworkers. After a few years, scroll back through and relive the hilarity.
  • I don’t do this much any more, but I have a great speaker system at my desk that I used to blast when I was alone in the office at night.
  • Get as many monitors as you can find and attach them all to the same computer. I’m at 6 currently.

These are great! It’s funny especially since I’m known as the guy who doesn’t use monitors — I’m just at my laptop, curled up looking at my tiny screen. I think one of these days I’ll jump right to 3 of them.

Also gotta learn to make a wooden box; I might start with foot pedals like this.

Thanks for sharing! :smiley: