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I like RSS because I only have to check one place to get comics, news, blog posts, and shitposts. Otherwise I would forget and never check them. I’ve never used Facebook, but it sounds terrible. No one who uses it ever has anything nice to say about it.

I recently moved from Blogtrottr (RSS via email) to The Old Reader, and it’s an improvement. I have always wanted to write my own RSS service, though.

Another good software blog is Code of Honor by Patrick Wyatt, who developed some Warcraft and Starcraft games.

Oh yes! Code of Honor, forgot about it, but I’ll add it to my feeds! I even listed it in favorite articles in my Engineering toplevel! :smile: The StarCraft articles were amazing!

Which comics to you follow? I should add that as an RSS category for sure, but can only think of a few artists I know who produce readily.

And ditto to writing an RSS service… :wink:

(:point_up: this wink signals that I’ve thought about it a fair bit, especially recently, but fully realize it’s unlikely to get done. But I an dream!)

Thanks for commenting! :smile: